We get it, technology can be confusing. Let us help your business get out in front of technology and grow!

IT Consulting



Network administration is just that. Taking care of all of the daily or monthly network tasks that are required to keep the network running.

Network administration: updating windows, checking backups, checking event logs on servers


Network support is different as it entails the repairs and the emergency visits when things break. It also is for when things need to be repaired when it is not an emergency but still is not a normal thing to happen.

Technology Repairs


Windows Computers

A repair to a Windows device is just that. We can take the device apart and repair it easily and avoid a big device replacement cost.

How many times has this happened to you? You are sitting at your desk and have to print a document. You hit print and get up to go get the print job from the printer, but when you get up you accidentally catch the laptop cord with your foot, and pull the laptop to the floor and break the screen?! 

Not to worry! The PC Super heros are here and we can get the device repaired and back up and running quickly. 

Apple Computers and iPads

Apple devices are known for "Just working" that is until they don't. iPads are the same way, maybe the screen is cracked or the software is just buggy. We can help take a look at the device and help you make the right decision to either get the device repaired or look for a replacement. 

We also help speed up older Apple products like MacBooks or iMacs. Sometimes the hardware inside the device is simply at the end of of its life and needs to be swapped for something newer. 


Chromebooks are the main tool schools use for their students these days. We know how to keep your investment in the students lasting as long as the student is at the school. 

Accidents happen and these devices are not usually known for their ruggedness. We can fix the screens on chromebooks, replace missing keys, or fix broken chargers. Maybe the plastic case has been chipped and is exposing the inside of the computer? We can help with that. 


Moving your Business

Our business moving service is an all inclusive service.We handle everything on the technology side of things.

We will coordinate with all of the companies your business needs and uses to make sure the move goes as smooth as possible.

We also will move all of the technology that we can when the time comes. Sometimes companies that lease technology to you will not want someone else moving the technology for liability reasons. Don’t worry we will contact them and make sure they know when the move is.


Structured Cabling

This service is for when we are installing cables in an existing or new building. Ethernet, HDMI, Audio, or Coax Cables are all in the realm of possibility with this service.

Say you need a hard line computer in an room that doesn't have any preexisting cabling. We can install that for you and make sure it looks professional. 

Say you get a new phone system and need the cables run for each phone, we can make sure the cables are installed and look good.  


Network Maintenance

Network maintenance is a different service, but is grouped with these as it is a complete package. We install our IT management app that tells us how things are working on your network.

Our monitoring software that we use allows us to monitor Servers, Computers, and the Network as a whole to determine the health of your Technology. This way you do not have to worry about whether your network is secure. 


AntiVirus Protection

Virsuses are everywhere on the internet today, in your email, on websites, and even in text messages.

We offer antivirus for your organization that allows you to see at a moments notice the threats that are attacking your network or computers. 

One central place for your network to be secureed from makes having to manually update your computer from threats a thing of the past. 


Education or Classes

Technology is confusing. We offer training for your staff to help them become better employees. When the basic things are covered, employees can be much happier. 

Security is also a big issue these days. We offer in house presentations that educate your staff about the ins and outs when it comes to staying safe on the internet.